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#17: Food as Medicine & How To Heal Yourself With Mitchell Villani

August 13, 2019

Mitchell Villani is a Retired Semi Pro ice hockey player, iridologist and “Heal Thyself” Health Coach. It was his own journey that set him on this path after his ice hockey career ended due to injuries resulting in years of chronic nerve pain and addiction to pain medication. Through his own healing Mitchell has developed a passion to guide and teach others how to achieve health and relief from many conditions through alternative methods. 


In this episode we discuss:

• A promising Ice Hockey career and representing Australia before it all went wrong

• The painful journey that broke Mitchell physically, financially, spiritually, and mentally

• 8:15 - Career ending injury the equivalent of being in a car accident 

• Stress and the link to inflammation in the body that results in further pain and health issues

• Pain medication addiction, the onslaught of side effects, such as depression, suicidal inclinations and loss of concentration

• 19:45 - Reaching a place of surrender - Mitchell asked “why me” and coming from a place of being a victim to relief that he was not on his own

• 21:05 - Miracles don’t provide maturity and how “the worst pain I have ever been through was the best thing I have ever been through”

• 23:35 - Powerful Perspective changes and changing the question that will change your life and why we play “the victim”

• I can’t heal you only you can heal yourself - Healing your body through food as medicine 

• 33:20 Partnering with your body V Fighting with your body -  changing the relationship you have with your body, listening to your body communicating with you 

• Chronic stress and how it is now a part of our everyday lives from the moment we wake up and look at our phones

• 37:20 - Typical start of the day for Mitch and achieving more “flow” through ritual, practices and food

• Gratitude is a place of receivership - how to practice gratitude powerfully

• 42:22 - Water fasting for 20 days, imagine not eating at all for 20 days! The Why, The How, The Challenges, The Benefits and the connection to stem cell therapy

• 48:47- Exploring our our 4 Appetites - Spiritual, Sexual, Food & Greed - mastering food rather than food mastering us

• 52:40 - Link to episode 8 - Michelle Richards - 10 days in Silent meditation 

• 54:47 - Spending time on your passion and Why going back to your childhood is powerful to do 

• So much more...


What a jam packed episode! Mitchell was so gracious in sharing not only his personal journey but also his extensive knowledge on health, fasting and healing the human body from a holistic perspective. I personally took away several learnings and I hope you do too, but more importantly I hope that you are moved to action in creating a healthy body and life for yourself.


Thanks for joining us for the show. Have some feedback for us that you would like to share? We would love for you to please leave a review. 


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7 Principles of Health Success Story - Mitchell Villani

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